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NEWS | Jan. 1, 2019

NRL renews collaboration with Oslo to detect, respond to airborne hazards

By Cassandra Eichner, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Corporate

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory extended its partnership agreement with the University Graduate Center in Kjeller, Norway in January to continue work on a tool that provides emergency responders with predictions of airborne chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) hazards.

“CT-Analyst is an impressive tool,” said Anders Helgeland, research manager, Flow and Materials, Comprehensive Defence Division, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). “Ideally, we would like to combine implementation of CT-Analyst within fire departments in several Norwegian cities with continued development of the software in collaboration with NRL.”

NRL researchers developed the Oslo-specific version of CT-Analyst, called “CT-Analyst Oslo,” to provide first responders with the capability to visually predict where and how a CBR hazard would disperse anywhere in the city of Oslo.

CT-Analyst algorithms integrate data weather data, structural data and geophysical data to predict the movement of airborne hazards throughout the city. The real-time information can be used by first responders to determine where to evacuate, where set up triage centers, and which areas will be most impacted by a CBR hazard.

The technology can also take advantage of existing sensors throughout the city to determine protective measures in situations in which chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear warfare (CNRNE) hazards may be present.

CT-Analyst has already been demonstrated in foreign and domestic regions. The tool has a user-friendly interface, and its predictions employ detailed, realistic topography. These attributes set it apart from other plume modeling software and enable first responders to operate the program effectively even when they have received only minimal training.

Helgeland, whose division works on emergency preparedness and security measures for the armed forces and civil society, called CT-Analyst an excellent "next step" in his division’s pursuit of more applied research within the field of CBRNE defense.

“Industrial accidents or intentional releases involving toxic chemicals are a part of this area, and we have been working with numerical dispersion modeling for over a decade,” he said.

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