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The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Office of Inspector General is the designated agent for receipt and investigation of allegations of fraud, waste and abuse for the Commanding Officer, NRL. The OIG depends upon the NRL military and civilian workforce, contractors, and the public to report their concerns regarding suspected fraud, waste, abuse and gross mismanagement involving NRL programs, funds, or operations.

Everyone is encouraged to be vigilant to the possibility of fraud, waste or abuse and related improprieties, and to report these suspicions to the OIG.

The OIG will determine whether the concerns constitute wrong-doing and/or violations of laws, rules or regulations.

The OIG is also the designated agent at NRL for initial receipt of allegations regarding scientific research misconduct. Allegations of scientific research misconduct include fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in proposing, performing or reviewing research, or in reporting research results. These concerns will be referred to the Office of Naval Research Office of Inspector General for resolution and disposition.

You may contact the OIG to report a concern via telephone or in person, or you may call the OIG Hotline and leave a recorded message. If calling the Hotline, 202-767-6543, please provide as much detailed information as possible. Please include as many of the "6W's" as possible:

  • Who: (Full name, position title, command/agency where the person(s) involved work)
  • What: (What you believe is wrong or inappropriate?)
  • When: (Dates and times when the issues arose or were observed)
  • Where: (Place where the issue is occurring, including specific building/room numbers or site locations)
  • Why: (In your opinion, why do you believe this is wrong?)
  • Witnesses: (Who else knows about this, or could provide additional information on the matter?)

Any information you report will be treated as confidential, but you may also report information anonymously. We would greatly appreciate contact information in case there are follow-up questions and information needed. We will not ask for any personal information, or your reasons for reporting, only information pertaining to the complaint. You may also submit a complaint via fax or email.

Submit an IG Hotline Complaint:

24/7 Telephone Hotline Recorder:202-767-6543
FAX: 202-404-7217

Mail a Complaint:
Inspector General
Naval Research Laboratory, Code 1000.1
4555 Overlook Ave, SW
Washington, DC 20375-5321

In addition to the NRL IG, see also www.osc.gov for information on prohibited personnel practices or whistleblower protections.