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The Chesapeake Bay Detachment (CBD) covers 157.6 acres contiguous to the Chesapeake Bay with a three-quarter mile waterfront. It is located in a relatively clear area away from congestion and industrial interference.

Because of its location high above the Chesapeake Bay, unique experiments using low clutter and generally low background radar can be performed at CBD in conjunction with the Tilghman Island site.


Core Capabilities 

CBD operates and maintains a unique land, sea, and air facility for NRL research in areas such as radar, electronic warfare, optical devices, materials, communications, and fire research. It has a variety of plant facilities and specialized equipment to support NRL and tenant research and development projects.

The facility maintains towers for antenna support and a ship motion simulator. Off-site facilities include a 2.6-acre site with a 75-foot tower located 10 nautical miles east at Tilghman Island, Maryland, and small craft berthing located in the town of Chesapeake Beach, 2 nautical miles north of the main site.

A test control center for air and sea operations is available to researchers who use the NRL/CBD test range. The test range is a restricted zone directly east of the main site and extending across the bay. Research watercraft include a 74-foot LCM 8 and a 22-foot Boston Whaler. These are used primarily in support of research projects and secondarily as transport to Tilghman Island.