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1005 Balch Boulevard
John C. Stennis Space Center
Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi 39529



The Naval Research Laboratory Stennis detachment, a tenant activity at NASA's Stennis Space Center, is located in the southwest corner of Mississippi about 50 miles northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana, and 30 miles from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Other Navy tenants include the Commander,
Naval Meteorology & Oceanography Command, who are major operational users of the oceanographic and atmospheric research and development performed by NRL.

This unique concentration of operational and research oceanographers makes SSC the center of naval oceanography and the largest such grouping in the world.


Research Divisions
  • Acoustics Division - conducts basic and applied research addressing the physics of acoustic signal generation, propagation, scatter, and detection with the objective of improving the strategic and tactical capabilities of the Navy and Marine Corps in the ocean and land operational environment. .
  • Ocean Science Division  - conducts a research development test & evaluation (RDT&E) program in biological, chemical, dynamical, and physical processes of the open ocean; coastal and littoral areas; marine boundary layers; and marine geology, geophysics, geoacoustics, and mapping, charting and geodesy.
  • Remote Sensing Division - conducts a program of basic research, science, and applications aimed at the development of new concepts for sensors and imaging systems for objects and targets on the Earth, in the near-Earth environment, and in deep space. The research, both theoretical and experimental, deals with discovering and understanding the basic physical principles and mechanisms that give rise to target and background emission, and to absorption and emission by the intervening medium.