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    Student Volunteer Program

NRL seeks volunteers that are currently enrolled in high school or college and possess an interest in science and engineering. Volunteer service is limited to services performed by a student as part of an agency program established for the purpose of providing educational experience for the student. The work is done strictly on an uncompensated basis. The acceptance of student volunteer services enables NRL to contribute to the enrichment of educational programs and provides exposure to the work environment for students. This is an excellent opportunity for students to make realistic decisions regarding their future careers. This program is conducted through a written agreement between NRL and the educational institution. If accepted, the NRL program coordinator will work with the student's school to prepare the agreement.
Eligibility Requirements:
Student Volunteers may not be employed under the age of 16 and must obtain a work permit if under the age of 18. 
Applications are accepted from students on a year round basis and are kept on file in the Human Resources Office (HRO) for 6 months. All applications and supporting documentation become the property of the Department of Navy and will not be returned once submitted.
To apply, submit your resume and current transcript or high school report card below as a single PDF. Do NOT include your social security number or date of birth.