NEWS | April 25, 2012

NRL Voted as a Top Place to Work for Postdocs

By Donna McKinney

In a survey recently conducted by The Scientist magazine, the Naval Research Laboratory ranked 17th among U.S. institutions as the best places to work for postdocs.

In the fall of 2011, email invitations were sent to readers of The Scientist and registered users on The Scientist web site who were identified as non-tenured life scientists working in academia or other non-commercial research institutions. There were 1,521 useable and qualified responses received. The rankings consist of 45 U.S. institutions and 10 non-U.S. institutions that received 5 or more responses in the survey.

Postdocs were asked to assess their working environment based on criteria such as quality of training and mentoring, value of postdoc experience, career development opportunities, pay and benefits, and funding. Listed as two of NRL's biggest strengths were family and personal life and equity. The 17th place ranking positions NRL among other renowned organizations like Argonne National Laboratory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Duke University, and Harvard University.