National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Program

This program helps U.S. Citizens obtain advanced training in scientific and engineering disciplines critical to the Navy. The 3-year program awards fellowships to recent outstanding graduates to support their study and research. This research must lead to doctoral degrees in specified disciplines such as electrical engineering, computer sciences, material sciences, applied physics, and ocean engineering. Award recipients are encouraged to continue their study and research in a Navy laboratory during the summer.

The Department of Defense pays the fellow's full tuition and required fees. In addition to tuition and fees, NDSEG fellowship stipends are $23,000 for the first year with an additional $1,000 for the next 2 years.

Applications and Information available at

1818 N. St., NW., Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036
202-649-3831 (phone)
202-265-8504 (fax)

NRL's Program Coordinator:

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