What do you do if the items or services that I quote on are not the same as those requested?

If a contractor/vendor has offered something different than the NRL requester has asked for, the Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent will work with the requester to determine if the substituted item(s) or service(s) are acceptable.

What if I am unable to meet the required delivery, but I quote the best price?

The Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent will contact the NRL requester for the purpose of determining if the delivery date quoted would be acceptable. If the requester relaxes the required delivery date, then all contractors/vendors originally solicited will have to be notified of this relaxed requirement and be permitted to submit a new quote.

How long does it take to award a purchase order after the closing date of the RFQ?

It is the responsibility of the NRL requester to evaluate the technical aspects of a quotation and determine the contractor's/vendor's compliance or non-compliance with the specification requirements. After receipt of quotes, the entire quotation package, exclusive of prices, is forwarded to the requester for a written evaluation. This usually takes only a matter of a few days.

Does the lowest quoter always get the award?

Contracting Officers/Purchasing Agents may evaluate quotations based on price alone or price and other factors (e.g. past performance or quality). If quotes are evaluated on price and other factors, these other factors will be identified and made clear in the RFQ.

Are discounts offered by a contractor in his quote considered in the evaluation?

Often times, contractors/vendors are sometimes willing to extend discounts based on quantity. The buyer will take this type of discount into consideration in the evaluation of the quoted price prior to award. However, prompt payment discounts offered, while greatly appreciated, cannot be considered in the evaluation of quotes.