A picture of the Littoral Highbay

The littoral zone is that part of a sea, lake or river that is close to the shore. The littoral high bay includes various tanks and pools to support the evaluation of autonomous systems, power and energy systems, and sensor systems that need to work in water environments and along the shore. The high bay is 54' by 76' by 28' tall overall and includes an overhead crane. A wide range of research is performed in this high bay, including integration of component technologies into working prototypes.

  • 25' by 45' pool is 5.5 feet deep. A 16-channel wave generator provides directional waves. The opposite end can have a slope installed. The pool may be equipped with sand, mud, and stone to emulate various shorelines. The wave generator and slope can be removed to provide a larger constant depth space.
  • An underwater tracking system allows collection of ground truth data from experiments with small underwater vehicles.
  • A 16' diameter, 5' deep sediment tank, which contains seafloor sediment and sea water.
  • Three 5' diameter, 4.5ft deep tanks are available for evaluating sensors and power and energy systems, as well as wet testing small vehicles.
  • A portable 45' by 4' tank is available.
  • A five-ton crane can be used to move equipment and materials into place within the high bay.
A picture of the 16' sediment tank