Decision tree graphically depicting decision processes in a law enforcement scenario.
Graphic representation of decision processes in a law enforcement scenario

The major objective of this project is to investigate the potential advantages of using a cognitively-based approach to autonomous decision making at multiple levels in a command structure. For this project, the Polyscheme inferencing architecture is used to construct a cognitive model of a scenario. The intent of this approach is to facilitate the presentation of autonomous reasoning to human decision makers in ways that allow them to rely on and/or revise decisions that have been made at lower levels. This research will promote rapid situational understanding of the battle space and facilitate the decision maker’s ability to intervene and override the system as needed. The project includes the development of 1) a cognitive modeling paradigm for making autonomous decisions at critical junctures in a network involving multiple strata of information, and 2) appropriate displays of high-level information that afford decision makers the ability to readily grasp, interact with, and, if needed, alter the underlying reasoning upon which they are expected to act.

This is a collaborative effort of the Interactive System group (Code 5512), Dr. Dennis Perzanowski as Principal Investigator, and the Information Management and Decision Architectures branch (Code 5581) with Dr. Mark Livingston as co-Principal Investigator.

Dr. Dennis Perzanowski
Interactive Systems, Code 5512
Naval Research Laboratory
Washington DC 20375
Email: w5512 "at"

Selected Publications

M. A. Livingston, Murugesan, A. , Brock, D. P. , Frost, W. , and Perzanowski, D. , Visualization of Decision Processes Using a Cognitive Architecture, in SPIE Visualization and Data Analysis, Burlingame, VA, 2013.
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A. Murugesan, Frost, W. , Brock, D. P. , and Perzanowski, D. , Building Common Ground and Interacting through Natural Language, in 2011 AAAI Fall Symposium, Washington, DC, 2011.