NRL's Information Technology Division (ITD) conducts basic research, exploratory development, and advanced technology demonstrations in the collection, transmission, and processing of information to provide a basis for improving the conduct of military operations. Funded by a variety of customers and sponsors within DoD, the US government, and industry, ITD’s research program spans the areas of Artificial Intelligence, High Assurance Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Virtual Reality, Human/Computer Interaction, Computer and Communication Networks, Communication Systems, Transmission Technology, and High Performance Computing.

ITD is a direct descendant of NRL’s Radio Division, founded in 1923. The Division currently has 6 Branches, two Special Offices, over 450 government employees and contract support personnel, an annual income exceeding $100M, and an R&D program that produces over 125 refereed publications and several new patents and fielded products annually. The organization of the Division is directed toward addressing the technologies and subsystems necessary to develop architectures and system designs for the next generation Battle Force warfare systems.

ITD comprises the following research branches: