Applied acoustics work is rooted in complementary basic research that studies the ocean environment as it impacts advanced systems and physical acoustics. Strong collaborative relationships exist with other Navy and university laboratories, and in other NRL divisions in the areas of oceanography, seafloor processes, remote sensing, materials, optics, and information technology.

Research Articles

Research Groups

  • Optical Sciences, 5600
  • Plasma Physics, 6700
    • Radiation Hydrodynamics, 6720
    • Laser Plasma, 6730
    • Charged Particle Physics, 6750
    • Pulsed Power Physics, 6770
    • Beam Physics, 6790
  • Acoustics Division, 7100
    • Physical Acoustics, 7130
    • Acoustic Signal Processing and Systems, 7160
    • Acoustic Simulation, Measurements & Tactics, 7180

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