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NEWS | Oct. 22, 2013

NRL's CT-Analyst Licensed for Integration with Lifesaving First Responder Tool

By Donna McKinney

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has furthered the reach and capabilities of its rapid urban plume modeling and hazard assessment system, CT-Analyst™, by providing a commercial license to Safe Environment Engineering (SEE) for the fields of use of public safety, industrial safety and monitoring, and environmental monitoring. The license was executed in August 2013. SEE is a company that advances the safety and security of the general public, first responders, and critical infrastructure with real-time real-world wireless interoperable information solutions. CT Analyst will be integrated into the existing product line of SEE's Lifeline MultiMeterViewer software suite.

CT-Analyst, developed by researchers at NRL in the Laboratories for Computational Physics and Fluid Dynamics, is a tool designed to provide first responders with fast and accurate predictions of chemical, biological, and radiological agent airborne transport in urban environments. CT-Analyst excels at providing immediate results thanks to advanced pre-computed plume information databases called Nomografs. CT-Analyst was used in a command and control capacity as part of the last two Presidential Inaugurations as well as other major national security events. The NRL team working on CT-Analyst consists of Dr. Jay Boris, Dr. Gopal Patnaik, Mr. Keith Obenschain, and Mr. Adam Moses.

SEE's Lifeline MultiMeterViewer provides an overview of multiple detection instruments in a real time display and functions as an instant command center, displaying data and providing both audible and visual alarms. A map-view or geographical information system (GIS) interface provides instrument information including tracking and survey information as map layers. Web Interfacing provides product info, references, alarm settings, guidance documents and more. Filters and customizable display allow the specific user to view the data that is most important to them.

The license signed between NRL and SEE's President/CEO Mr. David Lamensdorf will allow for CT-Analyst plume data to be harnessed inside the Lifeline MultiMeterViewer allowing for accurate and up-to-date plume displays plus additional relevant information such as contaminant concentration levels and hazard areas for people to avoid. This commercial license provides SEE's Lifeline MultiMeterViewer the ability to aid first responders in their jobs and provide the CT-Analyst system with a new platform to resource its rapid plume-modeling functionality.

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