NEWS | Aug. 8, 2012

NRL Recognized in FY 2011 DoD Value Engineering Achievement Awards

By Donna McKinney

Naval Research Laboratory scientists, Drs. Bernard Phlips and Chul Gwon, are recognized for their active role in simulation support for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

DTRA's Innovation and Systems Engineering Office is receiving one of the FY 2011 Department of Defense Value Engineering Achievement Award for Operational Detection Analysis and System Prediction. NRL is noted as a contributor for this award, because of their simulation support for DTRA under the Detector Factory and ISM Support Program, led by Drs. Bernard Phlips and Chul Gwon of the NRL Space Science Division.

The award recognizes groups whose actions reduce costs, improve quality, enhance effectiveness, and increase efficiency throughout the DoD. NRL's Detector Factory and ISM Support Program has directly supported DTRA by providing simulations for evaluating instruments designed to detect special nuclear materials.

The simulations conducted by NRL have been instrumental in determining the effectiveness of proposed instruments, as well as in developing test plans and interpreting results from the DTRA test campaigns. These NRL simulations of detection capabilities and operations concepts are a cost effective means to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the detection and interdiction of illicit transport of radiological/nuclear materials including Special Nuclear Material.

This program has leveraged existing capabilities developed under the SoftWare for the Optimization of Radiation Detectors (SWORD) Program, led by NRL Space Science Division researcher, Dr. Mark Strickman, and developed with support from the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office of the Department of Homeland Security.