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NEWS | Dec. 12, 2010

Dr. James Doyle Named a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society

By Donna McKinney

Dr. James Doyle, a scientist at Naval Research Laboratory - Monterey, has been named a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). He is recognized for his multi-facet contributions to the science of mountain meteorology and mesoscale predictability, and to tactical meteorological support of the mission of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. AMS Fellows are chosen for having made outstanding contributions to the atmospheric or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences or their applications.

In Doyle's 20-year professional career, his research has resulted in significant scientific advancement in the Navy's understanding of terrain-induced gravity waves, micro-structure of leeside rotors, numerical methods, and adjoint-based mesoscale predictability. Besides his modeling work, he served in leadership roles in the MAP, T-REX and TCS-08 field projects. He served and chaired on one or more AMS Committees, and as an associate editor and editor of the Monthly Weather Review. Doyle's scientific contributions and service to the scientific community rank in my opinion among the highest of all AMS members, says Dr. Simon Chang, superintendent of NRL's Marine Meteorology Division.

The Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System (COAMPS®) used in basic research and demonstrated in several international field experiments is one of the Navy's core operational prediction systems. Under Doyle's direction, COAMPS® has been steadily improved by adding 3D-Var with radiance assimilation, fully coupled with ocean and wave models, new planetary boundary layer and radiation schemes, and coupled ensemble prediction. COAMPS® is operationally run at the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center in 50 areas around the globe. It provides support to all Navy and Marine Corps missions enforcing the national maritime strategy, search and rescue, drug interdiction, and humanitarian operations. Doyle's contribution and leadership to the development of COAMPS® is critical to the safety and operational needs of sailors and marines, and provides critical support for national and maritime security. For his contributions in this area, he was awarded the Top Navy Scientists and Engineers of the Year in 2007.

Because of his reputation, Doyle has attracted many postdoctoral researchers from different universities to come to NRL. His mesoscale modeling group has grown to an outstanding team of 20 scientists. Six of the federal scientists in this group were postdoctoral researchers recruited and mentored by Doyle. The mesoscale group headed by Doyle received a NRL 75th Anniversary Innovation Award. Doyle has published 90 peer-reviewed co-authored papers. He has won several NRL Alan Berman Research Publication Awards.

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