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NEWS | April 12, 2024

NRL Releases 25 Technologies for the Next 25 Years, Ensuring Future Maritime Dominance

By Nicholas E. M. Pasquini, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Corporate Communications

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) releases 25 Technologies for the Next 25 Years publication featuring a collection of science and engineering concepts under development to meet critical national security needs over the next quarter century.
The select technologies highlight some of the most promising and visionary current areas of NRL research. This work is laying the foundations for enabling future naval technologies wielding the potential to harness powerful new capabilities for our Navy and the Joint Force.
“The very nature of science, innovation, and our mission compel us to move forward,” said NRL Director of Research Dr. Bruce G. Danly, SES. “Tomorrow’s challenges will not wait for us to act – naval superiority is essential to deterrence and freedom of the seas. And when called upon to go into harm’s way, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps must be equipped with the weapons and capabilities to fight and win.”
NRL is pioneering advancements in fields integral for maintaining the technological edge necessary for future conflicts. From quantum algorithms enhancing computing capabilities to artificial intelligence systems capable of mirroring human cognition, NRL’s research is setting the stage for unprecedented naval applications.
In undersea warfare, the Laboratory’s focus on acoustics, sonar technology, and unmanned, coordinated underwater operations demonstrates resolve to address emerging threats. Surface warfare research and disruptive emerging technologies are shaping maritime security through advanced radar technologies and infrared countermeasures, ensuring our vessels’ safety and operational readiness.
“The NRL's role as a nexus for innovation ensures our readiness to meet the evolving threats to our national security,” said NRL Commanding Officer Capt. Jesse H. Black. “Reflecting on a century of scientific excellence, we draw inspiration from the NRL's inception in the aftermath of World War I, recognizing the pivotal role of scientific innovation in national defense. Today, as we face new global security challenges, our commitment to advancing science and technology is unwavering.”
The 25 Technologies for the Next 25 Years were spotlighted during an event held at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor, Md., Apr. 8, where the Chief of Naval Research (CNR) Rear Adm. Kurt Rothenhaus delivered a keynote address.
“What I admire from NRL is how it constantly challenges its assumptions and does the heavy thinking to pivot to the needs of the Fleet,” said Rothenhaus. “You just need to turn on the news to know the impact your efforts are having in supporting the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint warfighter. Our brave Sailors and Marines are counting on everyone in this room to continue to keep up the great and important work.”
NRL has a longstanding relationship with academia and industry as a collaborator, contractor, and through technology transfer partnership mechanisms, such as commercial licensing, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA), and Educational Partnership Agreements. NRL is a critical link within the Navy’s Research, Development, and Acquisition chain and Naval Research Enterprise.
Through NRL, the Navy has direct ties with sources of fundamental ideas in industry and the academic community throughout the world and provides an effective coupling point to the research and development chain for Office of Naval Research.

NRL 25 Technologies for the Next 25 Years Spotlighted at Sea, Air, Space Symposium

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) 25 Technologies for the Next 25 Years were spotlighted during an event held at the Gaylord Convention Center in National Harbor, Md., Apr. 8. The event highlighted the promising horizons of NRL research, ensuring the continued superiority of naval forces. (U.S. Navy photo by Sarah Peterson)

About the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
NRL is a scientific and engineering command dedicated to research that drives innovative advances for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps from the seafloor to space and in the information domain. NRL is located in Washington, D.C. with major field sites in Stennis Space Center, Mississippi; Key West, Florida; Monterey, California, and employs approximately 3,000 civilian scientists, engineers and support personnel.
For more information, contact NRL Corporate Communications at (202) 480-3746 or

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