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First Phase of the MAGPIE Weather and Climate Experiment Completed in Barbados
September 19, 2023
Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS)

Research Squadron VXS-1 Mobilizes Quickly to Track Hurricane Idalia
September 15, 2023
SOFAR Spotter buoys

NRL’s Blossom Point Tracking Facility Provides Command and Control for Space Development Agency Tranche 0 Mission Launch 2
September 2, 2023
Blossom Point Tracking Facility, Welcome, Maryland

Research Squadron VXS-1 Celebrates 60th Anniversary at Tailhook
August 25, 2023
Scientific Development Squadron (VXS) 1

Revolutionizing the DOD Systems Infrared Countermeasures Landscape: Mr. Kenneth A. Sarkady Receives Roger L. Easton Award for Engineering Excellence
August 25, 2023
Roger L. Easton Awards Ceremony presented to Mr. Kenneth A Sarkady from optical Science Division

NRL Transfers NAUTILUS Instrument to University of Notre Dame: Strengthening Navy Research Academic Partnerships
August 18, 2023
NRL Transfers NAUTILUS Instrument to University of Notre Dame

NRL and NASA to Launch ComPair Instrument to Measure Gamma-Ray Emissions
August 7, 2023
NRL, NASA ComPair mission instrument

NRL Astronomers Track New Stellar Phenomenon
July 19, 2023
Magnetar Graphic

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