NRL was the first modern research institution created within the U.S. Navy. It began operations at 11:00 a.m. on July 2, 1923.

Image of First Log Entry

The First NRL log book entry.

First Log Entry - During NRL's early years, the duty officer kept a daily handwritten record of Laboratory activities. This log page describes NRL's first day in operation.

Edison - The inventor offers the country a way to prepare for war without overburdening itself with taxation.

War Years & Growth - During wartime expansion, NRL carried on the most extensive activities in its history.

Reorganized for Peace - The postwar period brought many administrative changes to the Labroratory, making it a different activity in many respects.

Breadth of NRL - Since the early years, NRL has conducted a wide range of investigations, which today includes research and development in four scientific directorates and the Naval Center for Space Technology.