The Molecular Dynamics Section conducts basic and applied research employing steady state and ultrafast optical methods over a wide range of wavelengths and time scales using various detection methods to characterize molecular and material processes pertinent to Navy-relevant phenomena:

  • Spectroscopy and dynamics of molecular processes including energy transfer, photochemistry and reactions
  • Fabrication and characterization of surface phonon and surface plasmon nanomaterials;
    • steady state and ultrafast studies of plasmonic materials including ultrafast energy and charge transfer in plasmonic photocatalysts
    • studies of phonon polaritons, longitudinal-optical phonon coupling, active tuning in wide-bandgap semiconductors, and characterization of metamaterials
  • Investigation of vibrational strong coupling including ultrafast dynamics of strongly coupled systems
  • High temperature operando optical studies of solid oxide fuel cells
  • Infrared and optical studies of adsorption and reactions on catalytic processes
  • Detection and classification of buried unexploded ordnance

Selected Publications

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