The Materials Chemistry Branch addresses naval needs through a balanced mix of research projects carefully chosen both to advance the frontiers of synthetic chemistry and materials science, and to provide definitive solutions to Navy needs in areas of critical material deficiencies.

Basic research programs currently emphasize:

  • Materials synthesis (organic & inorganic)
  • High temperature organics
  • NMR/NQR material studies
  • Energy-related materials
  • Physics of the glass transition
  • Bio-inspired materials

Applied project areas include:

  • Au-nanoclusters for chemical sensing
  • Elastomers for blast mitagation
  • Fire-resistant resins for shipboard applications
  • High Temperature organic materials for Space Applications
  • Biocidal/Sporicidal Coatings for Self Decontaminating Surfaces
  • High energy laser effects on materials
  • Explosives detection using NQR
  • Elastomers for shipboard use

A continuing effort is made to transfer knowledge and technology that are explored in the basic research program to applied efforts that are supported by a variety of sponsors. These sponsors include Government agencies & offices such as DARPA, DTRA, ONR, AFOSR, ARO, and non DoD agencies as well as private companies through the use of cooperative research agreements.