The Combustion and Reacting Transport Section at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory addresses the Navy’s basic, applied, and advanced research needs in the areas of combustion, fire science, and a wide range of systems. Systems that contain multiple phases, chemical dynamics, and the transport of mass, energy, chemical species, and momentum. With many of our research topics, we are concerned with multi-mode (diffusive, turbulent, radiative) transport behavior between phases (plasma, gas, liquid, solid) and miscibility (aqueous, hydrocarbon).

This is a broad-based research program that includes fundamental combustion concepts and processes, spectroscopic measurements, kinetic and continuum modeling, molecular dynamics, flame propagation, enhancement and inhibition phenomena, fire behavior, and fire protection engineering. The research scope spans studies in laboratory flow reactors and small burners to intermediate and real-scale combustion and fire experiments. The Section also advises other federal agencies on a range of research topics. Research from the section has been printed in manuscripts and presented through the Combustion Institute, the International Association for Fire Safety Science, and the ASME Turbo Expo.

Selected Publications

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