The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is the Navy's corporate laboratory. NRL conducts basic and applied research for the Navy in a variety of scientific and technical disciplines. The basic research program is driven by perceptions about future requirements of the Navy.

The BAA is a competitive announcement for the solicitation of fundamental research and development. Communications with industry prior to release of the BAA solicitation is encouraged and could assist you in crafting your announcement. This is considered strategic communication. In fact, communication with industry to seek exchange of general information and conduct market research is encouraged. Directing potential contractors/grantees to our BAA website is encouraged.

Directing contractors/grantees to submit something specific to meet an immediate need is considered tactical communication and violates government ethics rules as well as the Competition in Contracting Act which prohibits preferential treatment of one contractor/grantee over another.

If contractor/grantee interaction is expected or desired after receipt of the White Paper, refer to the instructions below. After receipt of a formal proposal, only the Contracting Officer can communicate with the contractor/grantee.

BAA Evaluation Process:

  1. The NRL Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) was revised and reissued on MAR 1, 2017. It may be accessed here.
    Standards of Conduct governing Technical personnel are set forth in DoD Directive 5500.07 current version (obtained from It is IMPORTANT that you read and understand them. Personnel charged with the responsibility for the evaluation of proposals must use prudence in safeguarding the information contained therein and must not disclose any information contained in them including price, delivery information or technical content, or information concerning the number or identity of offerors, without the express permission of the Contracting Officer.
  2. If contractor/grantee interaction is expected or desired after receipt of the White Paper, refer to the instructions below. After receipt of a formal proposal, only the Contracting Officer may communicate with the contractor/grantee.
  3. The revised BAA Evaluation Process is as follows:
    1. White Paper (WP) Receipt Instructions:
      1. WPS are to be submitted to a generic email address provided in each BAA topic description. The subject of the email shall be "Subj: BAA number, Topic # and Topic Title". These submissions will no longer be submitted directly to the Contracting Division. This is a competitive process and WPs should be reviewed within a reasonable period of time from date of receipt, normally within 30 days.
      2. TPOCs may not supply any information that would make any given proposal a sure winner, or otherwise bestow a competitive advantage upon a given proposal. Failure to heed this guidance may result in our inability to make an award.
      3. Specific criteria that shall be used to determine if the White Paper is sufficient to request a formal proposal in response to the BAA shall be at least:
        (1) Degree to which new and creative solutions to technical and scientific issues in areas important to NRL programs are proposed and the feasibility of the proposed approach and technical objectives.
      4. After the TPOC evaluates the WP, and if interested in funding the research, the white paper submission email shall be sent to l requesting that the contracting division draft a request for formal proposal (RFP). An invitation does not assure an offeror of a subsequent contract award. NO AWARD SHALL BE MADE TO A VENDOR WHOSE PROPOSAL WAS NOT FORMALLY REQUESTED AND FIRST RECEIVED BY THE CONTRACTING OFFICE.
      5. After Proposal receipt all discussions or clarifications needed, will be facilitated by the contracting office, any communication outside the contracting office may be cause for the TPOC to be removed from the BAA process.
    2. Formal Proposals are to be submitted to
      1. “Formal Proposals” are competitive and the FAR requires special handling of them. Potential contractors submit their proposal in accordance with the instructions here, which requires submission through
      2. The formal proposal will be forwarded within one week of receipt to the technical POC for that topic, along with instructions on proper proposal handling, and the required evaluation and award consideration documentation should the proposal be selected for award.
      3. Specific criteria that will be used to determine if a proposal merits award are as follows:
        1. The offeror's ability to implement the proposed approach as demonstrated by specific accomplishments in the technical field to be studied,
        2. The degree to which technical data and/or computer software and documentation to be developed under the proposed effort will be delivered to the NRL with sufficient rights necessary to meet NRL research and development objectives.
        3. Experience and qualification of the principal project personnel and the institution or corporation submitting the proposal.
        4. Past performance.
        5. Facilities of the recipient
        6. Proposed cost and cost realism.
    3. Classified Proposals: Any requirements for classified research shall be provided in a separate distinct Classified BAA Topic. Offerors that wish to submit classified proposal responses may only do so to those specific Classified BAA Topics.

      Proposals in response to a classified BAA topic, SHALL be sent REGISTERED MAIL or FEDEX OVERNIGHT, contain separate volumes for the Technical and Cost proposals, be double wrapped/packaged, stamped “SECRET OR CONFIDENTIAL”, on the inner packaging only, NO TOP SECRET OR HIGHER MATERIAL SHALL BE ACCEPTED, and mailed in hard copy to the following address:
      1. Address required for outer wrap (ATTN: REGISTERED MAIL SECTION)
        Naval Research Laboratory
        4555 Overlook Ave., SW,
        Washington, DC 20375-5320
      2. Address required for inner wrap (ATTN: VALARIE HALL, 3200)
        Washington, DC 20375-5320
        All other instructions for formal proposal submission apply.
    4. The general BAA will be effective for a period not to exceed one year.
      1. Topics are required to be announced on the FedBizOpps (FBO) website along with a specific schedule set by your office identifying specific cutoff dates for receipt of proposals.
      2. New topics may be added at any time; however, a notice to FBO must be made 30 days before any award based upon the change.
      3. Similarly, topics can be changed or deleted.

Separate “Specific” BAA topics will be established as desired.