TitleBroadband Active Sonar Classification
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGaumond, CF, Brock, DP, Hines, P, Murphy, S, Jemmott, C, Wasylyshyn, C
Conference Name2010 European Conference on Underwater Acoustics
Date Published07/2010
PublisherEuropean COnference on Underwater Acoustics
Conference LocationIstanbul, Turkey

Active sonar performance is limited by noise, reverberation or false alarm rate (FAR). High FAR is overcome
through the use of signal classification, which depends on the information content of the signals. Information
content and classification are addressed using a set of broadband sonar echoes. The set of broadband echoes
generated by an explosive source scattered from 30 different geographic locations is described. A continuous
wavelet transform is shown that simulates the audible content of the echoes. The root-mean-square log
scalogram distance, an audio distance defined with wavelet scalograms, between echoes is shown to decrease
with decreasing sonar-source bandwidth. Results from multidimensional scaling (MDS), additive tree analysis,
and exit interviews from a previous human subject listening study are shown. The results suggest that subjects
use a process other than one defined by a single feature space. A human-subjects-research experimental
protocol is described that will elucidate an alternative approach to signal classification. Funding was provided
by the Office of Naval Research of the United States Navy.

Refereed DesignationRefereed
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