TitleBuilding and Verifying a Predictive Model of Interruption Resumption
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTrafton, JG, Jacobs, A, Harrison, AM
JournalProceedings of the IEEE
Pagination648 -659
Date Published03/2012
KeywordsACT-R/E cognitive architecture, behavioral aspects, cognition, cognitive aspects, interruption resumption, predictive model verification, signal detection, transactive memory process

We built and evaluated a predictive model for resuming after an interruption. Two different experiments were run. The first experiment showed that people used a transactive memory process, relying on another person to keep track of where they were after being interrupted while retelling a story. A memory for goals model was built using the ACT-R/E cognitive architecture that matched the cognitive and behavioral aspects of the experiment. In a second experiment, the memory for goals model was put on an embodied robot that listened to a story being told. When the human storyteller attempted to resume the story after an interruption, the robot used the memory for goals model to determine if the person had forgotten the last thing that was said. If the model predicted that the person was having trouble remembering the last thing said, the robot offered a suggestion on where to resume. Signal detection analyses showed that the model accurately predicted when the person needed help.

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