TitleCase-based reasoning for transfer learning
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAha, DW, Molineaux, M, Sukthankar, G
Conference NameInternational Conference on Case-Based Reasoning
Conference LocationSeattle, WA
Keywordscase-based reasoning, game AI, machine learning, reinforcement learning, Transfer learning

Positive transfer learning (TL) occurs when, after gaining experience from learning how to solve a (source) task, the same learner can exploit this experience to improve performance and/or learning on a different (target) task. TL methods are typically complex, and case-based reasoning can support them in multiple ways. We introduce a method for recognizing intent in a source task, and then applying that knowledge to improve the performance of a case-based reinforcement learner in a target task. We report on its ability to significantly outperform baseline approaches for a control task in a simulated game of American football. We also compare our approach to an alternative approach where source and target task learning occur concurrently, and discuss the tradeoffs between them.

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machine learning
transfer learning
case-based reasoning
reinforcement learning
game AI