TitleFacilitating the Watchstander's Voice Communications Task in Future Navy Operations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBrock, DP, Wasylyshyn, C, McClimens, B, Perzanowski, D
Conference Name2011 IEEE Military Communications Conference
Date Published2011
Conference LocationWashington, DC
Keywordsconcurrent voice communications; watchstander; serialized communications monitoring; speech rate acceleration; intelligibility; attention; comprehension; effort

Recent human performance research at the Naval
Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) has
shown that increasing the number of concurrent voice
communications tasks individual Navy watchstanders must
handle is an uncompromising empirical barrier to streamlining
crew sizes in future shipboard combat information centers.
Subsequent work on this problem at the Naval Research
Laboratory (NRL) has resulted in a serialized communications
monitoring prototype (U.S. Patent Application Pub. No. US.
2007/0299657) that uses a patented NRL technology known as
“pitch synchronous segmentation" (U.S. Patent 5,933,808) to
accelerate buffered human speech up to 100% faster than its
normal rate without a meaningful decline in intelligibility. In
conjunction with this research effort, a series of ongoing human
subjects studies at NRL has shown that rate-accelerated,
serialized communications monitoring overwhelmingly improves
performance measures of attention, comprehension, and effort in
comparison to concurrent listening in the same span of time. This
paper provides an overview of NRL's concurrent
communications monitoring solution and summarizes the
empirical performance questions addressed by, and the outcomes
of, the Lab's associated program of listening studies.

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