TitleACT-R/E: An Embodied Cognitive Architecture for Human Robot Interaction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsTrafton, JG, Hiatt, LM, Harrison, AM, Tamborello, F, Khemlani, SS, Schultz, AC
JournalJournal of Human-Robot Interaction
Start Page30
Date Published01/2013
ISBN Number2163-0364
Keywordscognitive architectures, Cognitive modeling, human-robot interaction

We present ACT-R/E (Adaptive Character of Thought-Rational / Embodied), a cognitive architecture for human-robot interaction. Our reason for using ACT-R/E is two-fold. First, ACT-R/E enables researchers to build good embodied models of people to understand how and why people think the way they do. Then, we leverage that knowledge of people by using it to predict what a person will do in different situations; e.g., that a person may forget something and may need to be reminded or that a person cannot see everything the robot sees. We also discuss methods of how to evaluate a cognitive architecture and show numerous empirically validated examples of ACT-R/E models.

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