Part of the Sensor Lab, the Ambient Air Test Facility (AATF) provides continuous exposure of developmental sensors to outside air through an insulated duct with continuously variable flow velocities from 1 to 34 mph (0.5 to 17 m/s). Sections of the flow tube can be configured for isokinetic sample access.

  • Main flow tube is 30 cm (1 ft) in diameter and approximately 13 m (40 ft) long.
  • Specific simulants (surrogates) and interferents of either aerosol or vapor can be injected near the flow tube inlet, to provide well-mixed samples at test locations downstream. Several types of aerosol generators are currently attached.
  • Monitors for wind speed, temperature, and relative humidity are incorporated at both the inlet and test regions to assure that ambient conditions are maintained.
  • The inlet flow can be switched to a clean (filtered) flow at any time for calibration.
  • Complete process (PID) control of air flow as a function of time, including simulant and interferent injection, and ambient or clean air is provided via convenient computer interface. All data monitoring (such as ambient conditions) can be synchronized with a common ethernet time clock.
  • The lab is equipped with a variety of instruments for aerosol characterization and diagnostics.