Picture of Desert High Bay

The desert high bay provides sand and rock for evaluating autonomous systems designed for these challenging environments. The 2.5 foot deep sand pit allows evaluation of vehicles designed for desert environments. The facility also supports research in the development of passive and active sensors.

  • A 44' by 30' by 28' overall high bay contains a 25' by 18' pit filled with 2.5' of sand.
  • Two adjacent floor-to-ceiling simulated rock walls with natural outcroppings allow for evaluation of climbing vehicles.
  • Special stage lighting can supply appropriate high contract, low angle lighting conditions.
  • Windows and a skylight have shades to approximate night time conditions.
  • Wind generators are available to create blowing sand conditions within the sand pit area.
  • An area adjacent to the sand is available for staging and equipment.
  • An adjacent control room can be used for control of experiments.
  • GPS repeater and GPS simulator are available.
  • A five-ton crane can be used to move equipment and materials into place within the high bay.
Picture of Desert High Bay