Picture of tropical high bay

The tropical high bay simulates a southeastern Asian rainforest. This 40' x 60' x 46' high green house has live growth, a stream, pond, and appropriate terrain. A variety of tropical plants, native to southeast Asian rain forests, are maintained in the greenhouse, with an appropriate density of plants and foliage, and a three-level canopy. The temperature is held constant at 80 degrees with 80% humidity. The terrain in the high bay is accurate and provides a realistic environment for autonomous ground vehicles. Development of ground, air and climbing vehicles is supported by this high bay, as well as sensor research.

  • Can generate rain events up to six inches per hour with an overhead rain generation system.
  • A catwalk at a 15' level is within the high-bay perimeter allows access and mounting of equipment.
  • Power and network are available throughout the high bay.
  • A separate observation room allows dry space for computers and observation during experiments.
Picture of tropical high bay