The Laboratories for Computational Physics & Fluid Dynamics (LCP&FD), located at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, are responsible for the research leading to and the application of advanced analytical and numerical capabilities that are relevant to Navy, DOD, and other programs of national interest. This research is pursued in the fields of compressible and incompressible fluid dynamics, reactive flows, fluid/structure interaction including submarine and aero-space applications, atmospheric and solar physics, and magnetoplasma dynamics for laboratory and space applications. A distinguishing feature of the LCP&FD is the strong emphasis on the use of the most advanced parallel processing supercomputers in daily research and production computation. Efforts in practical parallel processing extending back well over a decade have invested the LCP&FD with a broad background in advanced computing algorithms, techniques, and applications. The specific objectives of the LCP&FD are: to develop and maintain state-of-the-art analytical and computational capabilities in fluid dynamics and related fields of physics; to establish in-house expertise in parallel processing for large-scale scientific computing; and to perform analyses and computational experiments on specific relevant problems using these capabilities.