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CT-Analyst, short for Contaminant Transport Analyst, is an NRL-developed tool that provides accurate, instantaneous, 3D predictions of chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) agent transport in urban settings. In the past, more accuracy has always meant more computing and therefore, delay. CT-Analyst can provide a timely situation assessment in approximately 0.05 seconds per scenario versus computational fluid dynamics models which can take one to two hours to run.

CT-Analyst uses the best computations possible prepared well ahead of time and captures their salient results in a highly compressed database to be manipulated and displayed instantly. A detailed, citywide model of dynamic urban airflow supplies a cutting-edge 3D database of agent airflow to power CT-Analyst. The accuracy of full 3D fluid dynamics simulations with meter-scale resolution is placed at the fingertips of first-responders and emergency managers, in a visual, easy-to-comprehend form with zero time delay.




​CT-Analyst can support emergency response of civilian and military personnel to CBR incidents and is being applied to the control and integration of sensor networks. On-site and headquarters staff can use this tool for data fusion to give a minute-by-minute situation assessment leading to optimal evacuation routes. CT-Analyst can also be used for war games, virtual reality training, site defense planning, and sensor placement optimization. A “backtrack” capability, unique to CT-Analyst, uses a small set of sensor readings to determine an unknown source location. The application contains a simple-to-use graphical interface that allows users to select, define, and re-define CBR scenarios rapidly. CT-Analyst further allows emergency management personnel to estimate optimal evacuation paths and project health effects based on the current evolving situation assessment.

For further illustration of CT-Analyst, please see the demonstration video below.

To download a demonstration version of CT-Analyst, please 
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