NRL Hosts Take Our Children to Work Day Event

The Naval Research Laboratory hosted its annual Take Our Children to Work Day event on April 26, 2012. With 140 children registered for the program, the morning was spent sampling the wide range of work that goes on here at NRL. The NRL Federal Credit Union provided the breakfast food and sponsored a raffle for the children.

Photo Children, led by Tina Chops and Stephanie Otis, got a close-up look at the radio telescope on the roof of building 43.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)

CAPT Tim Brewer welcomed the guests to NRL, and they viewed the NRL movie before heading out in small groups to visit a variety of work areas. The program concluded with NRL's Safety Branch providing an Earth Day presentation that included tree planting in front of the newly opened Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research.

The NRL Public Affairs Office extends a special thanks to the following groups who supported the program by providing tours:

  • Space Physics Simulation Chamber, Plasma Physics Division
  • Terascale Data and 3-D Computer Imaging, Information Technology Division
  • The Robot Lab, Information Technology Division
  • Spacecraft Payload Facility Space Robotics Area, Spacecraft Engineering Department
  • The Executive Directorate offices and radio telescope (roof antenna), Executive Directorate
  • Anechoic In-air Facility, Acoustics Division
  • Research and Development Services Division
  • Spacecraft Payload Facility High Bay Area, Spacecraft Engineering Department
  • Institute for Nanoscience, Executive Directorate
  • 3-D Sun, Space Science Division
  • Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles, Tactical Electronics Warfare Division
  • Technical Information Services, Supply and Information Services Division
Photo Bill Amatucci shows children the Space Physics Simulation Chamber in NRL's Plasma Physics Division and describes how researchers create plasmas to study the space environment.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
Photo Breakfast was served for the children attending the Take Our Children to Work Day event, courtesy of the NRL Federal Credit Union.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
Photo Gary Vinette, a model maker with R&D Services Division, shows the children equipment used to machine prototype pieces out of aluminum for research projects.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
Photo Paul Jaffe shows the children the Windsat satellite model located in the Spacecraft Engineering Department's Spacecraft Payload Facility High Bay Area.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
Photo Children lend a hand in planting a tree.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
Photo NRL Federal Credit Union supported the Take Our Children to Work Day event by providing breakfast for the children and sponsoring a raffle.
(Photo: U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)