The purpose of this site is to freely distribute the NRL low- to mid-latitude ionosphere code SAMI2 (Sami2 is Another Model of the Ionosphere). It is hoped that the code will be used for research and education, and that the code can be improved through community feedback. The code was originally developed by Drs. J.D. Huba and G. Joyce; Dr. M. Swisdak has made a number of improvements and corrections.

In the past decade, the Open Source Model for software development has gained popularity and has had many major achievements: emacs, Linux, the Gimp, and Python, to name a few. The basic idea is to provide the source code of the model or application, a tutorial on its use, and a feedback mechanism with the community so that the model can be tested, improved, and archived. Given the success of the Open Source Model, we believe it may prove valuable in the development of scientific research codes.

With this in mind, we are 'Open Sourcing' the low to mid-latitude ionospheric model that has been developed at the Naval Research Laboratory: SAMI2 (Sami2 is Another Model of the Ionosphere). The model is comprehensive and uses modern numerical techniques. The structure and design of SAMI2 make it relatively easy to understand and modify: the numerical algorithms are simple and direct, and the code is reasonably well-written. Furthermore, SAMI2 is designed to run on modern personal computers; prohibitive computational resources are not necessary, thereby making the model accessible and usable by virtually all researchers. For these reasons, SAMI2 is an excellent candidate to explore and test the open source modeling paradigm in space physics research.