Advanced High Speed Networks and Computing

  • ATM/SONET networking architectures and requirements (DISNet, Global Grid, BP WAN)
  • Parallel and Distributed Processing Systems (DISNet)
  • Data Warehousing and Retrieval (DISNet)

Advanced Space Systems Technologies

  • Space systems architectures and requirements
  • Advanced payloads and optical systems
  • Controllers, processors and signal processing (OBP, PCIP, PDMS)
  • Data management systems and equipment


  • Mathematic modeling and algorithms
  • Astrodynamics and attitude dynamics
  • Orbit attitude dynamics Autonomous navigation, star catalog development
  • GPS space applications and geolocation systems Mission analysis, operations and satellite coverage studies

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence

  • Communications theory and systems
  • Tracking, telemetry and control systems
  • Spacecraft test systems and satellite simulators
  • Antenna systems
  • High speed ground data collection, processing and dissemination systems
  • Tactical communication systems

Space Electronic Warfare

  • Design criteria for counter-surveillance and counter targeting
  • Data search, analysis and synthesis of information related to special sensor performance

Space Electronic Systems Development

  • Detailed electrical/electronic design
  • Space systems fabrication, test and integration
  • Test equipment and ground support equipment
  • Launch and on-orbit support

Space Mission Development

  • Mission development and requirements definition
  • Systems engineering and analysis
  • Concepts of operations and mission simulations
  • Mission evaluation and performance assessments

Space Surveillance, Navigation, and Time

  • Advanced navigation satellite technology
  • Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) technology
  • Atomic time/frequency standards/instrumentation
  • Passive and active ranging techniques
  • Detection and precision tracking of orbiting objects from space and ground