Thermal Spray Nonskid

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a highly tolerant, temperature resistant (HTTR) thermal spray nonskid (TSN) to mitigate the impact of vertical landing airframes, Joint Strike Fighter (F-35B) and Osprey (MV-22), on flight deck nonskid coatings. Operational and mock scale evaluations show current epoxy nonskids cannot survive JSF or MV-22 deck operations. To meet these requirements, NRL leveraged programs initiated by ONR and NAVSEA to identify alternative nonskid technology.

deck comparison Siloxane-Based Nonskid and Topside Coatings

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a novel siloxane-based nonskid and topside coatings for Navy surface ships. The siloxane nonskid is a two-component (2K) system with a 4:1 mix ratio (by volume) that is applied via roll or spray to generate a rough profile. The topside coating is a single-component (1K) system that does not require the mixing of components and is applied via spray, brush, or roll. Both coatings are being qualified to MIL-Spec. requirements.

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