High Performance Single-Component (1K) Polysiloxane Topside Coatings

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed a new class of high performance, single-component (1K) polysiloxane topside coatings. These coatings are intended to be used on exterior applications where superior weathering resistance and durability are required. Substrates to which these coatings can be applied include wood, glass, metal, and structural plastics. Application can be by brush, roll, or spray, leaving no lingering odor and cleanup simply requires lacquer thinner. If applied in thin coats, ~ 2-4 mils, the surface will be dry and ready for additional coats within 30-45 minutes. Surfaces can be handled, including sanding, within 6-8 hours and will reach full hardness after 7 days. This new topside coating is chemical resistant to fuels, most solvents, and > 250 methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) double rub resistance after 24 hours.

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