The NRL Signature Technology Office (STO) Code 5708 performs research and manages/coordinates an integrated, comprehensive research and development program at NRL addressing all aspects of signature control and counter-signature control as they apply to Navy and other Multi-Service/Agencies platforms. The STO monitors and evaluates signature control technology development efforts within government, industry and academia and facilitates the incorporation of advanced signature control technologies into present and future Navy and other Multi-Service/Agencies systems. It provides a central point of contact for the Navy and other Multi-Service/Agencies on matters concerning the STO programs.

Ultra-Near Field Test Facility
Ultra-Near Field Test Facility

Research Activity Areas:

  • Electromagnetic Scattering Fundamentals
  • Low Observables Materials
  • Hyper-spectral Signatures
  • Advanced Special Technologies
  • Multidisciplinary Program Management
  • Lab-Wide Activities Host