Wind Tunnel

NRL has on site a low Reynolds number closed circuit wind tunnel facility specially designed for use in developing small expendable vehicle systems. The tunnel features two 4' by 4' by 7' test sections: a closed aerodynamic test section and an open test section for propulsion testing. The tunnel's speed range is 20 to 200 knots.

Composite Fabrication Laboratory

The Vehicle Research Section has a Composite Fabrication Laboratory and skilled technicians who have expertise with a wide variety of composite materials and fabrication techniques. Most of the more than 50 airplanes developed by the Vehicle Research Section have been hand built in the on-site lab. In support of the EW Division, the composite lab team also designs and builds antenna radomes, composite mounting structures, and housings for electronic equipment. Often the team faces unique mounting and materials requirements for interfacing the wide variety of payloads carried by the various deployment platforms.


The Vehicle Research Section has working relationships with numerous government organizations and universities for use of their facilities.