EAGER represents a breakthrough in EW ship defense technology particularly for operation in littoral environments. It is deployed prior to entering a potential engagement area, enabling it to detect the first radar pulse emitted by approaching missiles. This is unlike earlier decoys that were not deployed until after a threat was detected. EAGER is a recoverable, tethered, electric-powered, rotary-winged vehicle with a RF repeater payload. It was designed to have an endurance of up to 1000 hours as compared to the few minutes previous decoys lasted, and it is fully recoverable and redeployable. The system derives its power via a tether and can carry a variety of payloads. The vehicle demonstrated six hours continuous, autonomous flight in the summer of 1997 for the ATD program and payload effectiveness measurements were conducted in the fall of 1997.

Sponsors: ONR, NAVSEA
Program type: Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD)
Years: 1994-1996