The Micro Tactical Expendable (MITE) micro air vehicle is designed to be the smallest practical aircraft that can still perform useful Navy missions, such as over-the-hill reconnaissance, surveillance, and electronic warfare. The electrically powered MITE is optimized for low speed, low altitude operation; different wingspans (10-24 inches) are used depending on the required payload weight and mission endurance. Several very low cost autonomous flight control systems for MITE have been developed and demonstrated, including a single-waypoint GPS navigation system, a heading and altitude-hold navigation system, an optic flow terrain avoidance system, and both optical and inertial stabilization systems. In May 2002, MITE vehicles flew a successful electronic warfare mission demonstration.

Sponsors: ONR, NRL, DARPA
Program type: 6.2 Exploratory Development
Years: 1996-2002