The Military Support Division provides operational and administrative services to NRL.

Code 1430— The Operations Branch assists NRL Research Directorates in the planning and execution of project flight missions; develops deployment schedules and military operational and training objectives; and coordinates the Research Reserve Program within NRL. For coordination of projects and funding please contact (202)-767-2272/7511

Code 1410— The Military Administration/Personnel Branch is responsible for the coordination and efficient functioning of all military administrative operations for NRL, VXS-1, and all NRL detachment sites. These duties specifically include: personnel actions, maintenance of personnel records, performance evaluations, awards and training; advising the NRL Commanding Officer and Chief Staff Officer on manpower matters and organization issues. For administrative of sponsor assistance, please contact (202)-767-7627/2103.

Code 1402— The Administrative Office is responsible for providing civilian personnel and financial services for the Military Support Division (Code 1400) and Scientific Development Squadron ONE (VXS-1) (Code 1600) in order to assist the Division Head (Code 1400) and VXS-1 Commanding Officer (Code 1600) in the achievement and maintenance of the effective and economical operation of the Division and Squadron. Specific functions include: preparing and administering the Division budgets; reviewing and analyzing the expenditure of Division funds to ensure economy in such expenditures; reviewing proposed key Division Requirements Documents (RDs) for organizational alignment and making recommendations to the Division Head; reviewing, analyzing, and modifying as necessary existing Division financial processes and procedures; and assisting the Division Head in planning and providing space, services, and equipment to accommodate Division operations, and coordinating these requirement with appropriate NRL Divisions.