The Navy's goal is to provide suitable housing for all E1-E3 Sailors. While all members are eligible, the core base of BH occupancy is intended to be the Navy's most junior Sailors. Eligible personnel will be assigned to BH in the priority supported by Categories found in CNIC instruction 5009.5.

There are 7 buildings and 319 rooms for enlisted personnel located on base at NAS Patuxent River. Pay grades E-1 through E-3 are assigned to the 1400 complex and building 492. Personnel will be placed in a single-man room with a common head and lounge area. Each lounge area is comprised of 6 rooms. Each room is carpeted and consists of full size bed with headboard, dresser, armchair and ottoman, nightstand, desk with desk chair, wardrobe, refrigerator, microwave, iron and ironing board. There is one washer and dryer to be shared by all residents of that lounge area. All lounges have a big screen TV with cable, sofas and chairs. All rooms are equipped with phone and cable outlets. Cable and phone set-up and charges are the responsibility of the resident. Linen is provided by BH staff, but must be maintained by the resident. All facilities (i.e....galley, gym, track and movie theater) are within short walking distance from the complex. The complex also has a community kitchen that is located in the Freedom lounge of building 1455 and available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also wireless internet service and an internet kiosk available in the Freedom lounge of building 1455.

All rooms are subject to weekly room inspections and residents are required to maintain daily living standards and comply with Bachelor Housing rules and regulations.

Due to the limited number of rooms, there is no space available for E-5 and above personnel, and they are required to reside in the local community.

Information for GEO Bachelors

Only E-4 and below GEO bachelors may reside in Bachelor Housing (BH).