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The Our Authority
The Contracts Division, specifically the Purchasing Branch, Code 1350 processes NRL procurements under the simplified acquisition authorities. Due to the procurement system and bill paying procedures, all simplified acquisition procurements are made using reimbursable job orders, Capital Purchase Program (CPP) job orders, overhead functions, and/or service center functions; direct cite job orders cannot be used. Therefore, Divisions shall ensure that appropriate funds are received in the case of direct customer funding for processing simplified acquisitions. The Contracting Division, Code 1300, processes NRL procurements outside the simplified acquisition authority; all job orders, including direct cite and functions may be used.

Market Survey Vs. Formal Quotation
End users are welcome to conduct an informal market survey of the industry, to determine the availability of an item or service as well as approximate dollar estimate for their own budget purposes. You may also provide this market survey information to the Contracting Officer/Buyer with your PR package. However, the Contracting Officer must obtain formal quotations.

Submitting a PR - Delegation of Authority
Before the Purchasing Branch processes your requirement, the requesting division must submit and release a PR via the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The PR must be signed by a person delegated authority via an Appointment/ Termination Record – Authorization Signature, DD Form 577, in accordance with NRLINST 4200.1R, Approvals for Procurement of Equipment, Materials and Services and NRLINST 7200.1, Delegation of Authority to Appoint Certifying Officers and Departmental Accountable Officials, DD Form 577, “Appointment/Termination Record – Authorization Signature”. All completed DD Form 577s, stating amount of authority granted, are maintained in the Integrated Management/Processing System (IMPS).

Other PR Approvals
Depending on what you are purchasing, other approvals may be required. All required approvals should be obtained prior to submitting your procurement package. Many required approvals are listed in the The List of Prohibited and Special Attention Items.

Purchase Requirements
Synopsis Requirements - Open Market PRs Greater than $25k:  Open market procurements greater than $25K must be synopsized in the Federal Business beta.SAM.gov "Contract Opportunities". All solicitations with follow on Requests for Quotations (RFQs) or combined synopsis/solicitations are posted on our website. Any proposed exemptions to the synopsis requirement must be discussed in advance with a Procurement Specialist.

Competition Requirements - Sole Source Justification
All open market purchases in excess of $10,000 are subject to competition unless a sole source is justified in writing by the requiring division and approved by the Contracting Officer. Intended sole source actions over $25K are also posted in beta.SAM.gov stating award will be on other than a full and open competition basis. This beta.SAM.gov posting will allow all interested parties an opportunity, if appropriate to challenge the proposed sole sources. HQ-NRL 4239/1, Sole Source Justification is provided for your convenience.

Technical Screening
All PRs received are screened by the Technical Staff, Code 3412.3. Procurement requests are screened for numerous items including, but not limited to:
  • Good Purchase Descriptions - Does the description set forth the essential physical and functional characteristics of the supplies/services required?
  • Required Delivery Date/Period of Performance - Is the Required Delivery Date/Period of Performance realistic and able to be met?
  • Mandatory Sources of Supply - Is the requested material available from a mandatory source of supply, such as: the NRL Supply Store, the Wholesale Supply System, other government programs, DoD Emall, Federal Supply Schedules?
  • Unique Requirements - Based on the dollar value of the PR, does the requirement require posting? Are there any unique requirements such as marking, packing, or transportation that need to be considered?
  • Posting Requirements - Based on the dollar value of the PR, does the requirement require posting?
  • Approvals and/or Signatures - Have all necessary approvals and/or signatures been obtained?
  • If the PR package is incomplete, or requires further clarification, the Technical Staff will need to obtain the documentation or any clarifications from the requestor, prior to the PR package being assigned to a Contracting Officer/Buyer to solicit quotations.
Any questions that you might have regarding your PR package as well as any assistance that you may require in preparing purchase descriptions, statements of work, or specifications can be obtained from the Technical Staff, Code 1350.4, by phone at (202) 767-2914 or purchasing_help@nrl.navy.mil.

Receipt Control
Post award monitoring of all purchase orders is an essential element of the acquisition process. The Receipt Control Section, Code 1350.4, is responsible for this monitoring and for assuring that vendor/contractor performance, is carried out in accordance with the purchase order provisions. If vendor performance is not satisfactory, or if problems arise or are anticipated, Receipt Control will take immediate action to protect NRL's rights under the purchase order.
When material is received in Central Receiving, Building 49 the receipt of the material is automatically documented. Often times, for various reasons, material is either picked up by or received directly at the Division. When Receiving, Building 49 is by-passed, Receipt Control needs to be immediately notified so the receipt can be documented. In some cases this can be done in ERP or by providing Receipt Control, a notice in writing, that material has been received and the order is complete, or exactly what was received.

Failure to notify the Purchasing Branch in writing or via ERP will generally result in interest penalty payments to the vendor if receipt notification exceeds the time allowed by law.

Please direct all receipt control questions to purchasing_help@nrl.navy.mil or (202) 767-2400.

Rejecting Material
Prompt rejection of material, if appropriate, is one of the most important components of the acquisition cycle. It has direct impact on payments to the vendor/contractor and interest the Government may be required to pay under the Prompt Payment Act. There are several reasons that an item may need to be rejected and returned to the vendor/contractor such as:
  • An item is received in damaged condition
  • The wrong item is received
  • An over-shipment is received
  • The item is in need of warranty repair
Any of the above reasons is a valid reason for rejecting an item. All rejections must go through the Purchasing Branch. If the Purchasing is notified in a timely manner, of the need for a rejection, it is often possible to even "stop payment" to the vendor/contractor thus allowing NRL to maintain our leverage with the vendor. Further, if this process is not completed properly, when the rejected item is replaced and returned to NRL by the vendor/contractor, the item will appear as an overage in PIPS and automatically be sent back to the vendor/contractor by Receipt Control.

You may fax a memo regarding the circumstances surrounding the rejection of an item or item(s) to Receipt Control at (202) 404-6348 or e-mail purchasing_help@nrl.navy.mil. The Receipt Control Technician will coordinate the rejection with the Supply and Information Services Division Receiving and Traffic personnel. Together, they will make all of the arrangements to have the item(s) picked-up and returned to the vendor/contractor.

If you need further information regarding rejecting material, please call (202) 767-2400 or e-mail purchasing_help@nrl.navy.mil.

Invoices and Contractor Payments
The prompt payment of vendor/contractor invoices is required by law. Receiving, inspection, acceptance or rejection, have a direct impact on payments to the vendor. The Prompt Payment Act (Public Law 97-177), specifies that invoices be paid within thirty days of receipt of an invoice or acceptance of the goods or services, whichever is later.