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Scientific Development Squadron (VXS) 1 Holds Change of Command
November 6, 2020
Scientific Development Squadron (VXS) 1 Holds Change of Command

NRL Researcher Receives American Ceramic Society Richard M. Fulrath Award
November 2, 2020
ceramics, electronics, ferroelectrics, frequency, materials, ultrasonics

COAMPS-TC Recognized as Leading Tropical Cyclone Prediction Model
November 2, 2020
basin, cyclone, forecast, model, numerical, ocean, prediction

NRL Physicist Awarded NDIA Undersea Warfare Bronze Medal for Achievement in Science
October 29, 2020

NRL researchers evaluate ultraviolet sources, combat COVID-19
October 22, 2020
pulsed Xenon gas lamp

Mission Assurance: NRL Space Research Group to Validate SDA Satellite Interoperability
October 14, 2020

Two NRL Research Physicists Named 2020 Citation Laureates “of Nobel Class”
October 6, 2020
NRL Research Physicist

NRL Designated Navy’s Quantum Information Research Center
September 28, 2020
Quantum Information Research Center

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