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    Electronics Science & Technology




The Electronics Science and Technology Division (ESTD) conducts programs of basic science and applied research and development. A technically diverse staff of experimental, theoretical, and computational physicists, surface and materials scientists, chemists, and electrical, electronic, chemical and mechanical engineers reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the Division’s research. 

ESTD's well-equipped laboratories and unique fabrication facilities provide the research tools needed to move rapidly from a flash of inspiration to real-world demonstration. In-house efforts include research and development in quantum information science and technology; nanoelectronics; surface and interface sciences; electronics material growth, characterization, and processing; theoretical and computational electronics and electromagnetics; power electronics; microwave, millimeter-wave, and submillimeter-wave solid-state and vacuum electronics technologies; optoelectronics; photovoltaics; radiation effects.

Focus Areas 
  • Electromagnetics Technology
  • High Power Electronics
  • Optoelectronics and Radiation Effects
  • Physics of Electronic Materials

Major Research Capabilities and Facilities  

  • Atomic Layer Deposition System
  • Atomic Layer Epitaxy System
  • Center for Advanced Materials Epitaxial Growth and Characterization (Epicenter)
  • Compound Semiconductor Processing Facility
  • Millimeter-Wave Vacuum Electronics Fabrication Facility
  • Nanopowders Processing and Enhanced Pressure Assisted Sintering Facility
  • Optoelectronic Scanning Electron Characterization Facility
  • Ultrafast Laser Facility
  • Ultraviolet Photolithography Laboratory for Submillimeter-Wave Devices

  • Advanced Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Research Laboratory
  • Infrared Materials and Detectors Characterization Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Advanced Materials Synthesis
  • Electronic Transport Laboratory
  • Solar Cell Characterization Laboratory
  • Solid-State Qubit Coherent Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • 3D Laser Lithorgraphy Laboratory