Smartphone linguistic app that identifies the accent of a non-native speaker of English as Cairene Arabic with a high degree of certainty.
Hand-held Shibboleth Tool

The Interactive Systems section is concerned with developing and enhancing computer interfaces for autonomous and intelligent systems, spanning human-computer and human-robot interactions. The group is specifically interested in linking natural language to other modes of computer interaction, such as human gestures, touch-screen and other graphical modes of human-machine interaction. Research includes linguistic analysis of texts and spoken dialog for information retrieval, auditory analysis to address coping with information overload, and phonological analysis of languages and dialects for accent identification. Projects also incorporate human language technology with cognitive modelling and processing.

The Interactive Systems section at the Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence performs basic research and exploratory development in the following principle areas, including:

  • 3D Auditory Analysis for Improved Performance in Multi-tasking Environments
  • Coping with Information Overload
  • Human-Computer/Robot Interaction
  • Linguistic Analysis of Language and Gesture
  • Linguistics of Spatial Relations
  • Phonological Analysis of Language and Dialect
  • Semantic Analysis for Recovery after Interruptions in Dialog
State-of-the-art audio lab configuration showing user seated at a multi-display console and surrounded by 3D audio.
Audio Lab workstation

Dr. Paul Bello
Head, Interactive Systems
Code 5512, Washington, DC 20375
Email: w5512 "at"