TitleContinuous Localization Using Evidence Grids
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSchultz, AC, Adams, W
Conference NameInternational Conference on Robotics & Automation
Date Published05/1998
Conference LocationLeuven

Evidence grids provide a uniform representation for fusing temporally and spatially distinct sensor readings. However, the use of evidence grids requires that the robot be localized within its environment. Odometry errors typically accumulate over time, making localization estimates degrade, and introducing significant errors into evidence grids as they are built. We have addressed this problem by developing a method for “continuous localization,” in which the robot corrects its localization estimates incrementally and on the fly. Assuming the mobile robot has a map of its environment represented as an evidence grid, localization is achieved by building a series of "local perception grids” based on localized sensor readings and the current odometry, and then registering the local and global grids. The registration produces an offset which is used to correct the odometry. Results are given on the effectiveness of this method, and quantify the improvement of continuous localization over dead reckoning. We also compare different techniques for matching evidence grids and for searching registration offsets.

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