TitleEvaluating the utility of auditory perspective-taking in robot speech presentations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBrock, DP, McClimens, B, Wasylyshyn, C, Trafton, JG, McCurry, MJ
JournalAuditory Display
Date Published01/2010

In speech interactions, people routinely reason about each
other’s auditory perspective and adjust their manner of speaking
accordingly by raising their voice to overcome noise or
distance, and sometimes by pausing and resuming when
conditions are more favorable for their listener. In this paper we
report the findings of a listening study motivated by both this
observation and a prototype auditory interface for a mobile
robot that monitors the aural parameters of its environment to
infer its user’s listening requirements. The results provide
significant empirical evidence of the utility of simulated
auditory perspective taking and the inferred use of loudness
and/or pauses to overcome the potential of ambient noise to
mask synthetic speech.

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