Sonobuoys are used to make an impulsive broadband signal (essentially an explosion), and its reflections (echoes) are evaluated to determine if potentially dangerous underwater objects of interest (subs, mines, etc.) are in the vicinity.
A sonobuoy is dropped into the ocean to detect objects.

Exploratory development in this research involves the development of algorithms, based on human perception of sound, for improved and automated active sonar classification. Single-ping algorithms transform sonar sounds into aural features for a new classifier for sounds.

The project uses archived data sets and human subject research results to develop human-mimetic transforms to generate set-theoretic features to describe sounds. The project seeks to develop classifiers based on these types of features.

Derek Brock is a co-Principal Investigator in this project in collaboration with Dr. Charles Gaumond of NRL Code 7162.

Derek Brock
Interactive Systems, Code 5512
Naval Research Laboratory
Washington DC 20375
Email: w5512 "at"

Selected Publications

C. F. Gaumond, Brock, D. P., Hines, P., Murphy, S., Jemmott, C., and Wasylyshyn, C., Broadband Active Sonar Classification, in 2010 European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010.PDF icon Download PDF (377.12 KB)